About Neuromuscular Workout
About the app

The Neuromuscular Workout APP by Malou Deichmann is a workout tool that you can use as a support to your physically active life wherever you are.

The idea behind the Neuromuscular Workout exercises is to both prevent injuries and also recover injuries before they become severe. Exercises can also be used in the stable phase after an acute injury where the goal is to get back to a physically active life.

Neuromuscular Workout APP contains videos of physical exercise and has overall three categories:

  • Running and Sports Support.
  • Spine and Posture.
  • Recovery and Injury Prevention.

Within each category you can choose singular exercises and follow the video for that particular exercise that will last a minute up to several minutes or you can choose one of the preprogrammed workouts and follow a full Neuromuscular Workout for either one of the three major categories or for example for a specific area of the body like the knee joint, the spine or the neck.

I named it Neuromuscular Workout because I always strive to make exercises smart. Integrating both your brain, senses, and your movement, meaning joint mobility and the muscle tissue surrounding it. A Neuromuscular training goal is also to balance the workout between the protagonist and the antagonist, in order to create mobility and flexibility and at the same time build strength that will last for life.

Regular exercise is one of the most effective ways to maintain health which is why it is at the utmost importance that we can maintain a physically active life. It also results in various physiological adaptations in the neuromuscular, cardiovascular and respiratory systems of the human body that not only improve physical performance, but also create a balance between strength, endurance, mobility and rest.

Exercising needs countless adjustments throughout your life and therefore we can not workout with the disciplines forever. We need to vary according to where we are in our lives. It the goal of this APP to help you integrate the necessary information, inspiration and variation to be active, healthy and comfortable throughout all stages of life.

PLEASE NOTE: The Neuromuscular Workout videos show physical exercises that are considered strenuous physical activity. Before you use the content of this APP seek the advice of a physician or a physical therapist or another relevant medical personnel.  

About malou

Malou Deichmann is the founder, owner, and driving force behind Neuromuscular Workout.

She has developed a deep passion for solving the puzzle of the human
neuromuscular system – through education and professional experience.

Her goal is to share her knowledge and experience with everyone who wishes to
develop and maintain a physically active life style.

In her two decades of professional experience Malou has worked with numerous clients whose goal was to postpone, or even avoid, surgery. She has also worked with clients on pain management from former injuries, stress or muscle tissue tightness, and physical imbalances by approaching the whole body, and the dynamics between body and mind.

The aim is always to develop an individualized program, focusing on your specific needs and goals, and to organize a plan that will help you achieve a strong and balanced body, in sync with its neuromuscular system.

“I was born in Copenhagen, Denmark 1977 and I live and work in the city.

In 2005 I finished my education as a nutritionist with a thesis about the link between a specific fatty acid and BMI within a younger population.

As I finished I started working as a health writer for various newspapers and magazines and became the editor of a running magazine.

I later on published a book in Danish directly translated called “Strong spine in 10 minutes”. It was published in 2017 by the publisher Gyldendal.

In my twenties I was running long distance in a Copenhagen based Athletic Club called Sparta and when I stopped competing I became a pace setter for others. I stopped competitive running due to injuries and started studying first running injuries and soon I was studying injuries in the musculoskeletal system in general.

During these years I also took an additional education within the Pilates System and I became a Pilates instructor that included all the original Pilates machines, small props and the founding principles behind the system.

For many years this was my main toolbox for instructing clients.

But my curiosity went beyond Pilates and I have since studied running medicine, injuries from a medical point of view, anatomy, biomechanics and movement ideas and systems like, for example, strength training and mobility training.

Despite all the education, I work freely of any system. My experience with my thousands of clients weighs more than any course I have taken.

I learn every day from clients and I study and talk to others with experience. I read books and articles on the relevant subjects and I care greatly that no stone is left unturned when it comes to making a human being feel physically capable and strong for the rest of that person’s life.

I’m an entrepreneur and besides the facility, where I instruct clients with my methods I have also founded the Neuromuscular Workout App and the Neuromuscular Workout method.


Background Education

Professional Bachelor in Nutrition and Health, January 2005. Thesis title: ‘Association between CLA and obesity’.

Primary Pilates Accreditation

Diploma from Copenhagen Pilates Studio in theory of equipment and teaching practice, 2008.

Stott Pilates, Certified Instructor in Matwork Level 1 and 2, together with Reformer Level 1, 2009.

Secondary Pilates Accreditation

BASI Pilates Comprehensive Teacher Training Course 2014.


Balanced Body, Anatomy in Three Dimensions, 2013.

Madeleine Black, Sole to Spine, 2014.

Balanced Body, CoreAlign 1, 2014.

Elizabeth Larkam, PMA-CPT, Fascia Oriented Training in the Contemporary Pilates Environment 2014.

PMA, Pilates Method Alliance, San Diego Conference 2014.

Karen Clippinger, Sacroiliac Function & Pilates Program Design 2015.

Karen Clippinger, Shoulder Mechanics, Alignment & Pilates Program Design 2015.

Karen Clippinger, Hip and Knee Biomechanics, 2017.

Mountain Land Running Summit, 2017.

Mountain Land Running Summit, 2018.

Mountain Land Running Summit, 2020.

Working life

Founder of the training concept “The Neuromuscular Workout method”, located in Copenhagen, Denmark, since 2020.

Founder of the training concept “I Will Run”, located in Copenhagen, Denmark, since 2018.

Former partner and consultant specializing in running for Copenhagen Pilates Studio, 2009 – 2018.

Former permanent instructor specializing in rehabilitation and running for the Danish Wounded Warriors Project, 2014 – 2018.

Co-owner and director of Copenhagen Pilates Studio, 2009 – 2018.

Health, nutrition and exercise specialist writer for Politiken, Børsen and Egmont.

Writer of “Strong spine in 10 minutes” For Gyldendal.